Betin League Tricks, Tips And Secrets

Betin League Tricks

Tips And Secrets

Betin league Tricks

Betin league tricks same as Bet9ja league tricks has got people wondering how to crack it. This is a game of virtual football where you can win money every 90 seconds, and it runs 24hrs a day. Needless to say if you know the league’s tricks and secrets, you can make a lot of cash.

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Many have tried and failed wasting vast amounts of money, some of whom I know personally. The only way to crack this thing is to be consistent with ur patterns, and if you can use the frank belangers betting formula for betting, you would have much better chances of winning here. It however requires a big betting bank, so not ideal for some.

There are however a few some who make money effortlessly in betin and bet9ja leagues.

Even though some claim to have all betin league tricks, tips and secrets – be careful before you part with your money to a stranger.

My advice would be to stick with over 1.5 goals if you must do multi bets (accumulator betting or acca in short.) When trying for over 2.5 or 3.5 goals, try and bet singles. Same thing for goal goal(gg or both teams to score, btts in short.)

There is definitely some sort of pattern if you are keen. You would notice say one week nearly all teams would go gg or over 2.5, another draws, another under 2.5 goals….like that. This is where you can take advantage here. I find single bets work best. There is nothing more annoying than selecting say five matches for over or gg then one fails. This is my personal strategy when I decide to gamble on betin league. I spot those occurrences in the weeks. For instance if I notice one week with almost all draws I might double chance the next week 1or2 for a few games. Same with over/under.

Below is a picture of my personal best. Betting on over 4.5 goals multi.

Betin League Winnings
Personal Best

Over 4.5 goals are normally best around week 1-15, but to be honest, this type of bet is pretty hard to land. Over 3.5 goals is a much better bet and when played singles. All in all singles are much better than multi bets, but rewards are less.

Best way to win with betin league tricks over 4.5 goals is to play singles. Don’t be greedy like me :-). I failed a lot before I won that one.

Week 1 or 2 mark them, one of them must produce many games with over 2.5 goals. This works almost 95% of the time for me. Also week 37, I normally wait for that one, I have landed many winning bets there. Over 2.5 and gg. What I do is bet say all teams over 2.5, or gg, or both as singles. If seven or more come in which is what im looking for, you are well in profit. Sometimes they fail though, so I suggest if you win, move one.

Weeks 30-38 over 1.5 goals for the bigger teams work. My suggestion would be to wait until you see a week there where most games go under 2.5 or 1.5 then start betting. Again Week 37 seems to work for me most times, but it is not 100%

Also check the league table and notice where the last three games is WWL(winwinloose), most likely that game will go over.

Games with away over 7.2 or higher are likely to go over 2.5 goals.

Notice patterns of three on the league table. If say they win three times, they can probably go on to win again.

Where over 4.5 odds are 9.32, that game could end in a draw. Leicester if odds of over 4.5 are 8.04, try under 3.5 goals.

If Chelsea Goal Goal is over 2.29, bet home over 2.5 plus home over 3.5 singles. Alternatively, bet over 2.5 goals.

None of those tips are 100%. Sometimes they work sometimes they fail.

My Best Teams to bet over 2.5 for on other weeks are Leicester, Norwich and Bournemouth. This is because they are mostly always at the bottom of the league and are thrashed by bigger teams. So if they go under, most likely next game is over. Also, wait for them to win and draw, then start to bet on them to lose. This works. Plus top three teams, if they lose like three times, chances are they will start winning again, especially teams like chelsea. Look out for this.

Those are my current betin league tricks, tips and secrets. As soon as I get some more concrete tips I will update.

There’s a new game in town betin league racing, but we haven’t yet cracked that one…yet.

And Remember even betin bet9ja they scroll the internet to look for stuff like this so they probably read websites and see what people r doing and then they go change the algorithm. Far fetched but could be true. No bookie is open to loose money from punters period.


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    So someone posted about a guy with South American fixed matches, sxxxxxxxx@gmail dot com. Frankly I have lost a lot of money to scammers claiming to have fixed matches before. I stake a lot of money out of greed and end up losing. I learned my lesson and decided to stick to purely good predictions. So out of curiosity I went ahead and emailed the dude. After a long period of negotiations the dude decides to give me a confidence match and pay after because I absolutely refused to pay before without knowledge of what I am paying for. I was very skeptical about the fixed match, AIMORÉ VS. EC SÃO JOSÉ, so I decided to avoid staking on the match but decided to follow it closely. As per his prediction the match ended with a AIMORÉ win and Correct Score of 2-1. Frankly I didn’t stake on it but now am under pressure to pay for the game because he thinks I won a lot of cash. My query is if the guy had so much confidence in the fixed match why did he not stake it himself and win money instead of waiting for my share after I took all the risk? Yeah I agree I didn’t honor our agreement but can he blame me for it? He claims to have a cartel that operates in the deep web involved in bribing players using bitcoins from lower leagues in South America and making a business out of it. Surely do such bribes exist and how do you convince a whole team to lose a match for your own selfish financial gains? I am really tempted to go ahead and pay and get today’s matches but I have a lot questions because I have had the worst experience with fixed matches. Please I need your advice on this. I know this blog must have people who know about this very well so help me out please. Thank you.

  2. what scammers in fixed matches do is 30% of the people who but the tips will be given a home win,30% a draw and 30% away win. so either way someone will have to win,they show you the proof and the effect to this is getting more victims…and the scam goes on

  3. Its true fixed matches exist but rarely. Most people who claim to sell fixed post confidence matches copied from verified sellers/dealers who either bribe teams or fix the matches. so be careful when buying matches. But you can always try free confidence matches with low stake inorder to spot a quality match dealer

  4. Guys it’s true that some matches are fixed. But the basis of fixing the match must always ensure that the end result will not affect the position of the team in league table. That is basically importance of the match. For example a match may be fixed so that a particular team escapes relegation. And many more. Personaly I spent a lot of money looking for fixed matches and finally got a pure source and a series of cumulative losses. I am now grateful to my source. If you want to see my wins or get details of the source..

  5. Hey guys stop dreaming of fixed matches,people use H2H info to predict for the next outcomes.
    you can also sit down and fix a match for yourself.
    kindly trust your inner being and gamble urself if you must BET.
    NOTHING LIKE FIXED MATCHES,they couldnot be selling instead they would have given as for free we kill this bookies.

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